Breath of the Whales is a compilation of inspirational messages offered for our heart opening ascension, our graceful evolution as humanity peacefully coexisting and co-creating a beautiful shared dream.


The Whale Whisperer

Gray Whale Wisdom founders and Breath of the Whales authors Keith Grey Hale & Carolyn Gorman open a dialogue exploring cetacean science and the connection between humans and whales, and the importance of cultivating a deeper awareness of our future together on this beautiful planet we share.

In the Whale Whisper presentation, Keith and Carolyn offer a comprehensive and informative view into cetacean science and the latest research regarding whale communication and intelligence. (read more)


Breath of the Whales 2

Meditations & Activations.

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Messages from the Whales

Charlie and the Whale


Go to the beach with 8 year old Charlie where he makes a new friend who happens to be a whale! Plunge…

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New message from the Whales regarding the Santa Barbara Oil Spill!

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