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Thank you, for your Gift

The Whales Call Us All

I am Keith Grey Hale, just a guy trying to make a positive difference in the world the best way I can. I have an unusual connection with our dear Mother Earth and all her critters. I have lived near the ocean all of my life, more than fifty years. Through this connection with the earth and the sea, I hear the Whales.

A couple of years ago the Whales asked me for help. At first it was like, why me? This is what I heard. This is how it all started. I don’t understand why they have asked me to do this but I am listening and here I am.

I was in a place of solitude.
I went to my mother, the sea.
As I stood on a cliff
Looking out at the ocean
I heard my friends, the Whales, say:
We ask for your help.
Will you do what no one else does?
We are happy with what the others are doing in our name
But we ask your help in this.
We have birthed a new energy.

The Whales show me a child
They ask me to take care of this child.
To watch it grow and protect it.
But like a good parent
I have to let it be
What it wants to be.
(In other words don’t try to control it.)
Teach the kids about us.
Open their hearts to us
We will do the rest.

* * *
We are tired.
It is time for humanity to carry the torch.

* * *

The Whales have told me they are as old as the earth is young. They have existed for longer than we can understand. The Whales remember the truth about why we are here and they remember what we have lost! They want to share this knowledge, to help us understand our place in all of creation. Deep within us we have this knowledge and wisdom. The Whales just want to help us remember.

This call is why I am writing to you today. I want to tell you about a ceremony called “The Return of the Ancestors“, planned for April 18 – 28, 2009. It will take place near the Four Corners area (Northern Arizona). Indigenous Tribal Elders from around the world are coming together for this historical event. (see below for more information)

I feel I have an important role to play in regards to this gathering. I have received a message from the collective consciousness of the Cetacean Community. The Whales want us to remember who we really are. Humanity has forgotten much of our ancient wisdom. The elders are trying to find their way back to what was lost, to the ancient wisdom and values. The Whales say they can help the elders and all of us remember this ancient wisdom. This will help us to understand what is unfolding in our world and what we can to do to bring about a positive result.

The Whales have asked me to take a gift to the Four Corners, for the earth and for the elders. This gift will help to bring the Whales’ energy to that place where they cannot go. It will bring this very powerful focus of the collective consciousness of the Cetacean Community onto the dry land. This connection and energy can help facilitate the shifting perspectives and global changes that are all around us now. As the Whales say: “This will help the human race into eternity.

It is becoming clear that a great change is upon us. I know there are so many conscious people that care deeply about the Earth and all life. Please help me to help all of us.

So now I live my life in pursuit of the good of all. I want to do my part for the Whales and for all of humanity.

My Commitment: I will go to the Four Corners and place this beautiful gift programmed by the Whales in the Santa Barbara Channel, in the place chosen by the Whales. This is my mission, my assignment for now, for this moment. I know this is the most important thing for me to do and I am grateful and willing to participate.

I am asking you for financial support so that I may take time off from my job (unpaid leave) and travel to the four corners, (gas, lodging, event fees). I expect this only amounts to about $2,500.00.

If you resonate with this good work, please give what you can. $5.00, $20.00, $100.00 or more. Any amount would be a tremendous generosity. I am so grateful for your contribution and will bring your beautiful loving energy with me on this journey. Thank you for passing this onto anyone you think would be interested in this event and in my work for the Whales.

Please know that any extra funds that are contributed will go towards the development and implementation of a “Gray Whale Wisdom” Educational Program aimed at teaching our young people about the Whales and the diversity and health of life in our oceans. Thank you again for your support.

If you would like to give a gift you may click my pay pal link on this page. (They only charge 3% + .30 cents for each donation.) Or you can send checks directly to:

Keith Grey Hale
PO Box 23909
Santa Barbara, CA 93121

Love & Light,

“The Return of the Ancestors”:
From the Institute for Cultural Awareness website:

To usher in this new era The Institute for Cultural Awareness is holding a sacred pilgrimage in Northern Arizona beginning Earth Day Weekend, April 18th – 28, 2009. Indigenous Elders and Future Wisdom Keepers are coming from every corner of the world, from the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains to the Plains of Africa. They are coming to share their wisdom and prophesies with the world to help us heal it and to follow in their ancestors footsteps as prophesized, … … … it was time for this great gathering, “It is time for the return of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine,” Yellowbird announced. “It is time for the prophecies, the cultures, the languages, the history and herstory of all people to come together as one. It is time to release ancestral memory that doesn’t serve us and replace it with a new healed ancestral memory and consciousness that give inspiration for the future, beyond 2012. “We are the future we fully intend to be…And it begins now.”

This gathering is fulfilling a great Mayan prophecy, “When the Eagle once again flies with the Condor, a lasting peace will reign in the Americas and will spread throughout the world to unite humanity.” Beginning Earth Day Weekend, April 18th 2009, throughout Northern Arizona the heart of the gathering will also be the 4th reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas.
For more information:
FYI: Video about the event.

*** *** ***

I recently watched the movie Whale Dreamers, produced by Julian Lennon, about an indigenous tribe in Australia who dream with the Whales. I was guided to this message at the beginning of the film:

People of the world!
The ancestor whales are calling
Come sit together again
On our beautiful earth
By the fire
In ceremony
In circle
In nature
It is time

For more info:

(I will post more as time goes on, but I am focusing on this next step that the Whales are asking me to do.)

Keith’s work with the Whales is his personal vocation and is in no way related to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum Ty Warner Sea Center or the Santa Barbara Channel Island Marine Sanctuary. His mission is to educate our young people about the Cetacean Community in our local waters and instill an interest in conserving this precious natural resource. It is also his deep passion to bring the Whales’ message to the human race.