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What people are saying about “Charlie and the Whale”…

“A beautifully written and illustrated story of the wonder and wisdom of whales as seen through the eyes of a young boy with the great good fortune of meeting a wise and kindly whale ready to reveal the timeless secrets of the true meaning of life.”      ~David Lee Jones~  author of Unicorn Highway

“It is the most amazing book for children, EVER! This book is written in a way that captures the imagination of both reader and listener! This book taught me things I didn’t know about the communication and astute intelligence of whales! If only humans could communicate with such honesty and accuracy! If you have children of your own, nephews, nieces, friends with children in this age group, this is the best gift you could possibly bestow upon them! I’m waiting with bated breath for the next one! Excellent Job, Carolyn & Keith”          ~Robaire W. Estel~  writer/producer/feature film editor