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Keith is also a gifted intuitive healer!

Energy Point Sequencing

          Keith Grey Hale assists those seeking to find balance in body, mind and spirit through a process of facilitating the clearing of energetic blocks and reestablishing the coherent flow of vitalizing energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies.

Keith is able to identify, manipulate and clear energy points in the physical body, shattering blockages to allow energy to flow naturally, unimpeded. Balancing the physical and energetic bodies, like fine tuning a car engine, allows all the parts, the multidimensional energies, to work together harmoniously. By energetically facilitating the clearing and removal of energetic cellular debris, natural repatterning is allowed and the individual’s energy patterns find a natural balance, flowing along the path of least resistance and opening to the divine flow of universal energy available to us all.

In each session, Keith is guided to move energy through the client’s body in a specific sequence. The process of facilitation varies as every individual is unique and requires a specific pattern tailored to each person in that moment. The particular sequencing of stimulating the energy adds to the potency and flow in the physical body as well as the different energetic bodies concerned.

Keith believes the shift created by facilitating the removal of blockages is permanent and empowers the individual body to heal itself, and allow clearer conscious manifestation in the physical. His intent is to instill the knowledge that we are all in perfection and remind the body how to maintain the natural state of balance and integrated wholeness.

Using a variety of energy sources, frequencies and tools, [i.e.: earth, sun, moon energies, color, sound, movement, thought processes, emotions, minerals (rocks & crystals), etc.] Keith addresses issues multidimensionally, through time, space and all realities, to release the incoherent beliefs held in the mind/body and get to the core or first incidence of incoherence where the energy is blocked or misdirected.

Keith opens communication with the client’s angels, guides, higher self, ancestors, loved ones, animals, etc., to facilitate shifting and clearing the patterns and relationships which are causing the energetic blockages manifesting in the body or psyche as illness or discomfort.

The complete body of our creation is complex and our guides, angels and higher self have a clear understanding of the true working and interaction of this energy. They are present to assist in the process of manifesting the fullest aspect of our true beingness. This system is spirit based and delineating one’s symptoms is not particularly necessary.

This work is beyond the mind, beyond thoughts. It is something that flows through me. I see and understand and witness the transformation of the patterns as I work through the session with each client.” KGH

Keith also offers tools and practices for the client to use as they integrate the session and learn to maintain their own energetic balance.

Open      Allow      Flow!

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact Keith at: [email protected]