Charlie and the Whale

Santa Barbara authors Carolyn M. Gorman & Keith Grey Hale share their passion for cetaceans and the environment we share with them in this magical story of a young boy who meets a whale and learns to surf.

This story is part fiction, part autobiography, part dream world, part marine science and pure fun! It is geared towards grammar school aged children but will be enjoyed by parents, grandparents and kids of all ages!

Go to the beach with 8 year old Charlie where he makes a new friend who happens to be a whale! Plunge into Charlie’s dream voyage under the sea and ride the waves as Charlie learns to surf. Explore a bigger world as Charlie finds the magic of being one with nature and the powerful force within his own heart.

Available in Santa Barbara, CA at Chaucer’s Books, Crimson Holiday and Santa Barbara Arts.

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    More About the Book

Charlie is an 8 year old boy who lives by the beach and loves exploring the coastline. He follows his intuition to discover a whale swimming at the end of the jetty near his home. Captivated by this huge cetacean, he wants to learn more about life in the sea. Charlie dreams with Grandmother Whale, exploring the fascinating underwater world where she shares facts about marine life. Charlie’s dad teaches him to surf and Old Mike, the retired fisherman, teaches him about whales. Charlie develops a deeper awareness of our place in nature and senses the powerful force within our own hearts.

The beautiful original cover art and interior images created for this story were painted by Thomas J. Sabourin.