April 30th Whale Whisperer Class!

Bring your curiosity and a friend on Saturday morning April 30th, from 9:30 to 12:30. No wetsuit or snorkel required to dive in to the world of the Whale Whisperer!

Discover cutting edge cetacean research as well as an in-depth exploration of whale intelligence and cetacean communication. Learn the secret of whale poop and the latest innovations for cleaning up and bringing balance back to our marine environment! How deep can a sperm whale dive and for how long? These facts and so much more will be revealed!

Whale Whisperer: A Path to Awakening

Saturday April 30th, 2016   9:30am to 12:30pm. SBCC CLL Schott Center

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In this morning workshop, Gray Whale Wisdom founders and Breath of the Whales authors, Keith Grey Hale & Carolyn Gorman will open the dialogue between cetacean science and spirituality. They will present the latest marine biology neuroscience findings as well as whale communication research that support our understanding of cetacean intelligence and their sophisticated social behaviors.

Keith and Carolyn will also guide you through a new whale message meditation to the lyrical sound of whale song and finish with a group discussion of your whale experiences!

Please join us in exploring the connection between humans and whales and the importance of our deeper awareness as we swim into the future we share with these beautiful denizens of the sea.

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