New book by Keith & Carolyn! Charlie and the Whale

Keith and Carolyn have just published their long awaited children’s book, Charlie and the Whale.

From the back cover: Go to the beach with Charlie where he makes a new friend who happens to be a whale! Plunge into Charlie’s dream voyage under the sea and ride the waves as Charlie learns to surf. Explore a bigger world as Charlie finds the magic of being one with nature and the powerful force within his own heart.

This is the story of Charlie, an 8 year old boy who lives by the beach and loves to explore the coastline. Like the imaginary companion many children have, Charlie shares his observations and thoughts with his ‘Angel’ and listens to the inner wisdom that emerges as he ponders the world around him.

Charlie hears a calling from deep within his heart and follows his intuition to discover a gigantic whale swimming at the end of the jetty near his home. He is captivated by this huge cetacean and wants to learn more about life in the sea.

Charlie dreams with Grandmother Whale, and explores the fascinating underwater world where she shares facts about marine life.

As Charlie continues his relationship with ‘the Whale’ he gains a deeper awareness of our place in nature and begins to understand the powerful force within our own hearts.

Charlie’s dad teaches him to surf and Old Mike, the retired fisherman, imparts his knowledge about whales and initiates Charlie into a broader perception of our world and ourselves as energetic beings. Charlie experiences the magic of being one with nature and her amazing creatures.

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