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Gray Whale Wisdom, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on Cetacean Education, developing enriching programs and materials to share the beauty, grace and intelligence of whales and dolphins. Through exploration of the broader concepts of consciousness, in regards to Cetaceans in particular, we gain a deeper understanding of the world in which we all live. Through education and inspiration Gray Whale Wisdom strives to promote a greater appreciation for the interconnection of all life and a sense of stewardship toward our planet Earth.  Our goal is to open people’s hearts and minds to the beautiful world of cetaceans, thus cultivating a compassionate consciousness to all of our precious life forms and an understanding of their place and purpose here on earth. We have much to learn from these denizens of the sea and they are anxious to teach us!

By developing educational programs that offer scientific information about cetaceans, Gray Whale Wisdom strives to present a close up view of whales and dolphins and explore the lives they live. Presentations will bring up to date research findings into elementary and middle school classrooms, teaching our young people about the incredible life in our oceans through the use of hands-on artifacts, multimedia presentations, inquiry based activities, photos and short films, with grade level appropriate presentations and classroom activities.  More in depth presentations will also be developed as part of the ongoing training for educators and interested adults.


With all the budgets cuts in our educational system, many schools can no longer afford to take their students on field trips. Gray Whale Wisdom proposes an educational program that brings the ocean to the classroom. Our educators will present the latest scientific research on whales and dolphins while providing supplementary curriculum materials for teachers. With adequate funding Gray Whale Wisdom would like to offer this curriculum and presentations with little or no cost to schools across the nation.

Our continuing goals are to develop enriching programs for all ages and to reach individuals and groups across the country and around the world and to also inspire careers in marine science. The more aware and educated we are about the beings with whom we share our planet, their habitats, and the true impact we have on their environment (and ours) the better prepared we will be to make conscious choices every day in all aspects of our lives.

Gray Whale Wisdom is a grassroots nonprofit organization and needs your help! Please empower our efforts by donating today! Click on “Donate” above, or mail checks to: Gray Whale Wisdom, Inc. 133 E. De la Guerra, Suite 30, Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

We are deeply grateful for your support.


About Keith & Carolyn

Keith Grey Hale is the president and co-founder of Gray Whale Wisdom, Inc. He has served as a naturalist with the Santa Barbara Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary as well as served as a docent and educator at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum Ty Warner Sea Center.

Keith has developed a sensitivity to, and an ability to connect with, the subtle energies in nature. Through his process of becoming a gifted intuitive healer, Keith has connected with and established telepathic connection to the collective consciousness of the Whales. This connection has offered him a broader perception of the interconnectedness of life and inspiration for communicating the importance of understanding the role humans are playing as caretakers of this planet.

Keith is also an accomplished jewelry artist and teaches silversmithing at the local adult education center.

Carolyn M Gorman is executive director and co-founder of Gray Whale Wisdom, Inc. She brings her passion for writing poetry and creative prose to the process of writing and editing inspirational works of literature, as well as developing presentations and educational materials for GWW. Spirit has been speaking to and through her since childhood and been a driving force in her personal and vocational journey through life.

Through cetacean science based classes and presentations, Keith and Carolyn endeavor to raise awareness about cetaceans and the human impact on our shared environment.  With a focus on cetacean intelligence and communication they open a dialogue exploring a deeper perspective of consciousness and the synergistic relationship between humans and whales.  Keith and Carolyn have coauthored several inspirational books based on the messages received from collective consciousness of the Whales, entitled Breath of the Whales. And a children’s book entitled Charlie and the Whale.


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  1. wendy Vos on October 30, 2015 at 12:33 pm said:

    I love what you are doing! The time is right for this project.

    I bought the book Charlie and the Whale and am enjoying reading it! It is a great story for children and adults with a powerful message.

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