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Excerpt from May 6, 2014 message from The Whales

             You and all of humanity are in the process of becoming heart centered beings. As you reach this understanding of being heart centered, rainbow light will fill your awareness and allow an activation for clearer understanding. You will learn how to use the subtle energies invoked by this light.  As you sing this truth within the context of gratitude, more of these frequencies will be available to you and become anchored within this earthly plane you are embodied in.

            We, the Whales, have begun to explore our new dream, knowing that you are allowing the memories of your species becoming the keepers of records. This will occur within your lifetime. We, the Whales, find great joy in this realization.  

            As you [as a species]process the patterns you have acquired through living within this frame, this body, this dimension you are focused in as awareness, you open to more than you could have imagined, more than we could have dreamt. As you [individually] process these patterns within yourself, within the relationships of those you communicate and work with, the clearing within all of humanity accelerates.

            Feel safe in the understanding that love is our true nature. Explore the truths within your heart, within the aspect of your awareness as All That Is, as the oneness imbedded within your individual aspect of physical form, allowing a connection to occur between the finer and denser realities. Connect with the many facets of yourself. Connect with us, the Whales.

            The truth is humans are about to ascend into the finer awareness and densities of existence, understanding a fuller and more balanced way of being, finding more joy and love within all connections. Through our teachings we are allowing you to find more possibilities, expanding into your understanding as empowered beings of love.

            We, the Whales, are sharing this truth with you as we work with many other beings throughout many galaxies where we, the Whales, are embodied.

            The shifting of your reality is beginning to unfold quickly. The truth is the old pathways and energies that have allowed the incoherence to exist are about to be cleared. Sing this truth to all, allowing a brighter hope for the future.

            Within the 5th dimensional reality there is still a thread of linear time but the weaving of reality becomes more elaborate and focused, connecting many time sequences together. Through this process of becoming 5th dimensional awareness, you are changing much of your current reality. Soon the depths of this truth will unfold before you. And you, all of humanity, will ascend to this plateau. You are ready. Your species, humanity, has been longing for this for many thousands of years along this cycle you are journeying through, at this node of creation.

            We, the Whales, love you. We, the Whales, are honored by your willingness to embrace our connection. We will be always available for you and your species, your soul families, who share this time upon this planet with us, the Whales.



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