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Coming soon!

We are getting closer to publishing Breath of the Whales Vol. 2! This new collection of meditations and activations will pull you deeper into the loving consciousness of the Whale Collective and deeper into your own expansion of heart and mind. We are also looking forward to bringing you more live events. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting and event in your area. Click here to schedule an event.

Excerpt from the message presented at the 2-26-14 live event:

Golden Web Activation

We are all experiencing many new energies opening through the alignment of planetary systems in this moment. This energy helps instill the vision, the knowledge, of this web that humans and all inhabitants of this planet are actually assembling together. These frequencies of golden light will reveal and expand the perceptions and awareness of who we all are, of who you all are, ALL inhabitants who share the earth. As this golden web expands it is coalescing and amalgamating the connections with each being who is part of this reality you are existing in.