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Whale Whisperer Class

Whale Whisperer: A Path to Awakening

Saturday October 17th, 9am to 12 noon at the Schott Center

Gray Whale Wisdom founders and Breath of the Whales authors Keith Grey Hale & Carolyn Gorman are offering a special workshop Saturday October 17th, 2015. This morning workshop will open the dialogue between cetacean science and spirituality. We will be presenting some of the latest whale communication research as well as marine biology neuroscience findings that support the understanding of cetacean intelligence and their sophisticated social behaviors. Keith will also share a new message from the collective consciousness of the Whales.

Please join us in exploring the connections between humans and whales and the importance of the deeper awareness of our future together, bringing balance to the environment of the beautiful planet we share.


Embark on an exploration into the mystical beauty, grace and intelligence of whales while also discovering the science behind how whales are a fundamental building block of the Earth’s ecosystem.  Through a unique guided meditation to whale song, explore the possibilities of tapping into the collective consciousness of cetaceans as a resource for spiritual growth. Go deeper with a discussion of the whales’ loving, inspirational messages and gain a broader understanding of our synergistic relationship to our planet and how whales are integral to sustaining life on earth.

The class is sponsored. No tuition fee.

Register online here!