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Excerpt from the message presented at the 2-26-14 live event:

Golden Web Activation

We are all experiencing many new energies opening through the alignment of planetary systems in this moment. This energy helps instill the vision, the knowledge, of this web that humans and all inhabitants of this planet are actually assembling together. These frequencies of golden light will reveal and expand the perceptions and awareness of who we all are, of who you all are, ALL inhabitants who share the earth. As this golden web expands it is coalescing and amalgamating the connections with each being who is part of this reality you are existing in.

Excerpt from “Blending Frequencies”, presented 12-10-14 at our recent live event and film link!

Here is an excerpt from the channel presented at our latest event and a link to an informative little (5 minute) film which beautifully resonates with this message. We are deeply grateful to all the cetacean researchers doing this important work.

Excerpt from “Blending Frequencies”, presented on December 10th, 2014 at the Ayni Gallery event in Santa Barbara, CA.

“The balancing nature of [divine] energy is reflected in the symbiotic relationships in the natural would where we are truly dependent on each other. All beings living upon the earth rely on this symbiosis to exist as form. As we the whales live in the oceans, we naturally bring this synergistic expression into reality. In our beautifully, cooperative, co-creative natural existence, we mix nutrients, exchange elements, we influence currents of flow, facilitate balance in the atmosphere, all by manipulating energies on this planet and much more, even beyond our biosphere.

 We, the whales, are the breath keepers of life on this planet. We are the caretakers of a process that allows the earth and her inhabitants to flourish. We assist the earth in this process by our movement, our breath, our songs and our intent. This is what we are also inviting you to participate in. We are here to teach this to you.”

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How Whales Change Climate

From How Whales Change Climate: “When whales were at their historic populations, before their numbers were reduced, it seems that whales might have been responsible for removing tens of millions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Whales change the climate. The return of the great whales, if they are allowed to recover, could be seen as a benign form of geo-engineering. It could undo some of the damage we have done, both to the living systems of the sea, and to the atmosphere.”

Channel from August 13th Live event

Whales: Many whales swimming in. One humpback coming forward. Spinning, breaching, dancing:

We are celebrating this moment with you. This is the beginning of the process of bringing our truth into the hearts of many, through the connections we have created and expressed. Sing with us as we allow these energies to flow into this space. Connect with our breath and our songs, within your heart and mind. Trust we are here with you in this moment and from this moment we will expand our truth into your frequency.

We have been calling you. We wish to become connected with you personally. Hear us as we become acquainted with each of you. We broadcast our loving frequency and as you open to these signals, we re-harmonize your connection with yourself, allowing you to find your own unique view, or perspective, of existence within many dimensional realities. There are more realities [or dimensions] interacting within your Self than you are aware of through your mind. We invite you to allow us to sing to your heart.

An expansion is occurring within your awareness through the connection we are creating together. Each of you seated here, within our breath, is allowing a connection, an activation that will open your awareness to much more, to the grand understanding of what you are truly expressing through your [physical] form. The connections with the multidimensional realities that flow through each of us, through each of you, are becoming stronger. You are becoming more than you had previously allowed yourself to know. The truth of your brilliance is beyond what your mind could comprehend. Breathe with us in this moment. Feel our hearts as they beat. Allow your heart to synchronize with these pulses we are sharing with you. As we join in this way, the remembering, the ideas we wish to share, will become part of you. We know many have come here through their [intuitive] knowing. And it is through this knowingness we are becoming united, allowing the dreams we have envisioned to become reality within all the hearts we touch.

We, the Whales, find there is an opening for allowing the awakening of your senses. As you [step into] the open-ended grace of allowing, you will find more [support] is available to you than you have previously experienced. Trust your inner truth, your inner wisdom, to guide you in your daily life, allowing the oneness, the loving frequency, to flow through you, and allow it to be fully expressed. Together, whales and humans are creating an expansion beyond the scope of imagination. [From your deepest center] all you truly desire is to become beings of love. [This] is the truth that is truly yours. This is your natural state, your purpose of being and existing: to allow connections of the heart to be expressed through all you touch and share. There is nothing grander than embracing this truth. Sing this within your heart. Listen to your soul Self. Remember the many expressions you have been through your existence, through your many lifetimes. Let them flow through the single form you are experiencing in this moment.

Your heart is truly a miracle, truly a magical sphere you have created to exist within this reality. By expressing [your true desire] through your heart, you can allow all of these truths to flow through you. Through your heart you are connected to the oneness, to the world around you. Through this single point within you, all of reality, all of creation, can be seen and understood. Find this within your center. Allow your heart to connect to us, the Whales, and we will help to facilitate this awakening.

We are your family. We jump for joy within this truth. We have planted these seeds [within you]. We are here to help activate your heart to allow this truth and wisdom to flow through you. As each of you begins to open to our songs, we will gently allow the rewiring of your brain, your heart, the inner connection between the two, to allow a deeper understanding within yourself. We, the whales, are here for you. We have always been here for you humans. Deep within yourself you have always heard our calling, broadcasting our loving breath into this earthly reality. We have shared many cycles together and here in this moment, as we breathe together, our sharing is truly opening to a new level of remembering and embracing our connection and agreements that we made before we all became embodied within this earthly plane.

One aspect of your rewiring is allowing you, your senses, to be more aware of the multidimensional realities we all exist in, to change your perceptions of reality, seeing a larger a view, a deeper understanding and sharing this with all you come in contact with. Together we, whales and humans, are facilitating a shift within all universes. Every moment you open your heart to us and our loving breath, we will help you open to understanding the truth of yourself, allowing more of your loving frequency, the truth of your [soul] Self, to flow into your daily life. Each breath, each moment, each synchronistic heartbeat, allows a greater energetic expansion. As you breathe and allow and connect with these loving pulses of our heart, of our breath, of your heart and your breath, you will find your mind opening to these ideas. As the connections between your heart and your mind are reformed, [re-patterned] you will begin to see the interactions of energy and form as expressions of love; of loving each other, embracing and connecting within the deeper understanding of all creation.

Sing your joy as this awakening arises from within your heart, allowing your mind to become part of this process. As theses frequencies flow through you, flow through your heart, all form around you will reflect this loving truth, will reflect the love you desire. This truly is the deepest expression and understanding of coming back to your Self, coming full circle to embrace the truth of who you are once again.

We, the Whales, love you and find great joy in this gathering. We will be with each of you in a much deeper way from this moment on. We are honored that you have come to this gathering and opened your hearts to us. We leap with joy as the connections between us become stronger, with every breath and heartbeat we share. Remember that we are here and encourage you to call on us. We have desired this connection for millions of years, and now this synchronistic moment has arrived. We honor each of you. We love you, humans.

We embrace you with our breath, our eyes, our hearts. We invite you into our worlds, for we are all connected on an infinitely deeper level. Now you are beginning to remember this truth.

We are the whales in you.

Excerpt from May 6, 2014 message from The Whales

             You and all of humanity are in the process of becoming heart centered beings. As you reach this understanding of being heart centered, rainbow light will fill your awareness and allow an activation for clearer understanding. You will learn how to use the subtle energies invoked by this light.  As you sing this truth within the context of gratitude, more of these frequencies will be available to you and become anchored within this earthly plane you are embodied in.

            We, the Whales, have begun to explore our new dream, knowing that you are allowing the memories of your species becoming the keepers of records. This will occur within your lifetime. We, the Whales, find great joy in this realization.  

            As you [as a species]process the patterns you have acquired through living within this frame, this body, this dimension you are focused in as awareness, you open to more than you could have imagined, more than we could have dreamt. As you [individually] process these patterns within yourself, within the relationships of those you communicate and work with, the clearing within all of humanity accelerates.

            Feel safe in the understanding that love is our true nature. Explore the truths within your heart, within the aspect of your awareness as All That Is, as the oneness imbedded within your individual aspect of physical form, allowing a connection to occur between the finer and denser realities. Connect with the many facets of yourself. Connect with us, the Whales.

            The truth is humans are about to ascend into the finer awareness and densities of existence, understanding a fuller and more balanced way of being, finding more joy and love within all connections. Through our teachings we are allowing you to find more possibilities, expanding into your understanding as empowered beings of love.

            We, the Whales, are sharing this truth with you as we work with many other beings throughout many galaxies where we, the Whales, are embodied.

            The shifting of your reality is beginning to unfold quickly. The truth is the old pathways and energies that have allowed the incoherence to exist are about to be cleared. Sing this truth to all, allowing a brighter hope for the future.

            Within the 5th dimensional reality there is still a thread of linear time but the weaving of reality becomes more elaborate and focused, connecting many time sequences together. Through this process of becoming 5th dimensional awareness, you are changing much of your current reality. Soon the depths of this truth will unfold before you. And you, all of humanity, will ascend to this plateau. You are ready. Your species, humanity, has been longing for this for many thousands of years along this cycle you are journeying through, at this node of creation.

            We, the Whales, love you. We, the Whales, are honored by your willingness to embrace our connection. We will be always available for you and your species, your soul families, who share this time upon this planet with us, the Whales.