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Book Blurb

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The Whales have communicated a deep passion and desire to connect with the human race for the purpose of helping humankind evolve, open and reconnect with the divine nature of their true beingness. 
Breath of the Whales is a compilation of inspirational messages offered for our graceful evolution as humanity peacefully coexisting and co-creating a beautiful shared dream.  
Quote from the Preface: The Whales have created an opening for us. With their love and their heart energy, they are opening the way for us to reconnect to the true source of our beingness and to teach us how we can create our reality through our hearts.
“Trust in our song. It is from the deepest place of our being. Through all our connections we remember and are helping you to see that the heart is the key. Love is the connection, the engine of creation. We are in the knowingness that helps you remember beyond the beginning of the breath that moved all this into creation. It is love that carries you home, to this place of all the love that we are.”
All proceeds from book sales go to support Gray Whale Wisdom , Inc.